Power Station Tribute @ The Bank Penang

Kimmo & KH Tyres Opening Ceremony

Power Station Promo Video

7 days to go! PS fans Are you guys ready ?倒數7天!動力迷們!你們準備好了嗎?!這次的音樂會將會送上一連串你們熟悉的歌曲千萬不要錯過了!我們到時見🤟🏼🤟🏼#TheBankPenang #LiveHouse #動力火車音樂會之動力全開 #PowerStationShowCase #FeatXingMars #Dickson #HeadHunter #July27 #我們不見不散

Posted by THE BANK PENANG on Sabtu, 20 Julai 2019

Petrolpenn Lubricant Event @ Autocity Juru

Petrolpenn Autocity Carnival 2019 Highlights

Highlights of Petrolpenn Lubricants in Autocity Carnival 2019

Posted by Petrolpenn Lubricant on Isnin, 8 Julai 2019

Gesel Heinz Malaysia @ Autocity Carnival

Beyond Tribute 2.0 @ The Bank, Penang

Throwback beyond tribute show 2.0 June 14th #thebankpenang #daytoremember

Posted by THE BANK PENANG on Sabtu, 29 Jun 2019

Beyond Tribute 2.0 Promo Video

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX Tournament 2019

Another event we covered has been released. Check out Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5Dx+ competition organized by Classic World Midnight. Enjoy the video!

LaoWang Band in Penang

老王樂隊 | 19年春季新马小巡回檳城站

EggPlantEgg Concert Penang

茄子蛋 <想你的彼夜> 槟城场